Netex Supports Nature

1 Apr 2024

Netex Supports NatureI nurture a love for nature through the art of planting trees, and I do this every year. Trees conserve energy in the summer and help us save money. Properly planted trees can reduce air conditioning costs by 15-30%. Trees reduce the amount of heat reflected from roads, buildings, and sidewalks. I live in the city of Chișinău, where the air is quite polluted. In recent years, many trees in front of our building on Vasile Lupu Street have been cut down. Every year, I plant with hope and faith that as many trees as possible will take root. Currently, the environment faces major threats that affect the ecological balance and the quality of life on the planet. I believe that, in addition to their role in mitigating climate change, trees offer numerous ecological benefits. They act as a natural filtration system, improving air quality by capturing pollutants and releasing cleaner, oxygen-rich air. In urban areas, often affected by pollution, the strategic planting of trees creates healthier environments for communities. I urge all colleagues to participate in tree planting every year, as planting trees results in improved respiratory health, reduced cases of respiratory diseases, and generally increased quality of life. Clean air contributes to increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs, generating a positive impact on communities.