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Mondo: Integrated customer communication

Omnichannel solutions for companies – Offer exceptional customer experiences!

The EU Directive 2019/882 represents a significant step forward in improving accessibility for people with disabilities within the European Union. Starting in 2025, online businesses will be obliged to adapt their communication tools to meet the requirements of this new legislation. Demonstrate your commitment by giving everyone equal access to engage with your organisation and increase the ease of use for all your customers.

Mondo offers an integrated, cloud-based solution that bundles customer communications across multiple channels into one centralised platform. This creates a unified and efficient working environment for customer service agents. Managing interactions across email, chat, social media, phone and automated processes ensures a consistent customer experience.

Try our omnichannel SaaS platform free for 30 days and learn how Mondo can improve your workflows and customer experience.

Learn more about Mondo here.

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