Netex Presents Mondo at DRW ARAD

19 Mar 2024

Netex Presents Mondo at DRW ARADAt an important DRW meeting held in Arad, we had the privilege of presenting essential information regarding the European Directive 882/2019, which focuses on combating discrimination against people with disabilities. In light of this current topic, we presented our innovative solution: Mondo. In this context, we discussed how the new European regulation can influence businesses operating in the European territory. One of the main topics addressed in the discussion was how this directive imposes stricter requirements on companies regarding accessibility and inclusive communication for people with disabilities. It is essential for all businesses to comply with the new legislative provisions to avoid penalties and to promote a fairer and more inclusive environment. Implementing Mondo within companies allows for the provision of chat as an alternative contact method, in accordance with legal requirements, while also promoting digital inclusion in society. Being a flexible tool, Mondo is not just a static solution but a dynamic tool that can adapt to any business’s particularities, featuring a rich set of customization options, and is easily integrable and adjustable according to the company’s specific requirements. Together, we bring about positive change by offering solutions for a more balanced society.