Customs Logistics Specialist

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Lviv, Drogobych, Ivano-Frankivs, Ternopil


We need a Customs Logistics Specialist experienced in customer/supplier relation

Required Skills

    Job Requirements:

  • University degree
  • Minimum 2 years experience in logistics or in related functional area (customer/supplier relation)
  • Quality and customer oriented
  • Microsoft Office knowledge (Excel, Word)
  • SAP knowledge
  • English and German language skills mandatory


    Job Description:

  • Monitoring the stock levels and coverage of finished goods and corrective action if necessary, in order to achieve optimum inventory levels
  • Measurement of compliance with the delivery quantities and deadlines, in order to initiate proactive measures for optimizing delivery reliability in optimum time
  • Monitoring of the delivery dates and dispatching for finished goods in optimum time, in order to ensure timely dispatch reliability to the customer
  • Maintenance of basic and master data in the delivery area, in order to guarantee the data quality in all relevant logistics systems
  • Operating or supporting an active supplier management scheme by passing on information in order to obtain the best performance from suppliers
  • Control safety criteria in own area of responsibility
  • Develop, introduce, and drive measures in order to avoid safety cases
  • Correct input for production planner in order to ensure proper production planning according to capacities and customer demands
  • A mentor will support you to stepwise take over your own responsibility after an initial training phase which will familiarize you with our products, tools, processes, and organization.
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